Best UPSC Preparation Books

Certificate Physical and Human Geography

By Goh Cheng Leong

Geography is an important part of the UPSC prelims so a good geography is indispensable. While Certificate Physical and Human Geography has some factual errors due to lack of updation (such as Pluto still being a planet and USSR still being refered to as a nation), it is still the best resource for understanding physical geography & other basic principles of geography

Indian Polity

By M Laxmikanth

A must for all civil service aspirants, this book covers one of the important aspects of the UPSC prelim exams, the Indian political system. Topics covered include the Constitutional Framework, Central/State/Local Government, etc. Aspirants are recommended to give this multiple reads to fully absorb this dense, but enriching book. This book alone is sufficient material for the topics prelims preparation.

Indian Economy

By Ramesh Singh

Tailor made for civil service aspirants, this book covers aspects such as the progress & growth of the Indian economy, planning, inflation, reforms, agriculture capital markets. The book also comes with some model questions to illustrate to students how to write a good answer.

India's Struggle for Independence

By Bipan Chandra & Others

A comprehensive book on the Indian freedom struggle, this is an informative book that covers every major aspect of the Indian freedom struggle and is thus a must read for all civil service aspirants