Best IITJEE Preparation Books

My Encounter with IIT JEE: The Story of Preparation

By Arpit Agrawal

This unique book recounts the tale of author as he narrates his JEE experience as well tips for the exam and preparation. A useful book to get into the right mind set when preparing for & giving the IIT JEE. 

IIT JEE - Mathematics : 36 Year's Chapterwise Solved Papers (2014 - 1979)

By Amit Agarwal

In addition to RD Sharma’s book on Mathematics, this book can be used as a supplementary question bank for preparation of the Maths portion of the IIT JEE.

IIT JEE - Physics: 36 Year's Chapterwise Solved Papers

By DC Tandon

A powerful question for the physics portion of the JEE, students are recommended to go for this book for chapterwise solutions of all JEE physics questions from the last 36 years.

IIT JEE - Chemistry : 36 Year's Chapterwise Solved Papers

By Ranjeet Shahi

Part of a three book series by Arihant, this books contains chapter wise solved question of the IIT JEE exam’s chemistry section for the last 36 year (1979-2014). It covers the entire syllabus for the JEE. A useful question bank for students to practice and cement their understanding.

Textbook of Organic Chemistry for Competitions

By OP Tandon and AK Virmani

OP Tandon’s and AK Virman’s Textbook of Organic Chemistry helps students understand the concepts of organic chemistry better. It features an in depth explanation of the concepts and practice questions in multiple formats  It is a must have for JEE & PMT exam takers.

Numerical Chemistry

By P Bahadur

A useful book for JEE aspirants, this book is light on theory but compensates by having many practice questions as well as mock test papers for the JEE. Students should use this to practice for the JEE after they have thoroughly gone through the NCERT textbooks and understood the concepts.

Mathematics - Class XII

By RD Sharma

A must for board exams and IIT/Medical aspirants, this is the de-facto bible for exam preparation. Each concept is explained in depth and extra practice questions will help students hone skills such as understanding and time management.

100 Tips to Crack the IIT

By Vivek Pandey & Paras Arora 

Crucial tips & tricks for IITJEE syllabus, revision, books & mental prepration. A useful tool to supplment your IITJEE preparation.

Problems in General Physics

By Igor Irodov

Topics covered in Problems in General Physics include physical fundamentals of mechanics, thermodynamics and molecular physics, electrodynamics, oscillations and waves, optics, and atomic and nuclear physics. Solved & unsolved questions help in preparation for JEE, BITSAT and Olympiad preparation. If required, refer to Solutions to Irodov’s Problems Vol 1 & Vol 2 by Abhay Singh for solutions

Concepts of Physics Volume 1

By HC Verma

IIT JEE Physics : 35 Years Chapterwise Solved Papers 2013 - 1979

By DC Pandey

A must buy for all IITJEE aspirants, this book contains accurate and authentic solutions to all IIT-JEE (main & advanced) questions for last 35 years. Short topic wise summaries help students brush up on important concepts